Diagnostic management solutions

Georgia Equilibrium Diagnostics is a consulting company focused on all aspects of dizziness and imbalance. G.E.D. covers all aspects of care including interpretation and management for patients and physicians, certification of allied healthcare professionals for therapy for dizzy patients, and research to more effectively diagnose and manage patients.


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Business Meeting

Consulting Services

Clinical management and training

Are you interested in building a vestibular clinic or increasing referrals? G.E.D. is capable of helping you establish your vestibular program as the most efficient and profitable clinic possible while maintaining the highest standard of care. We are also capable of training and certifying you or your staff to perform high quality evaluations in order to provide accurate diagnosis for better patient care.


Educational lectures for your organization

Drs. Allen and Hughart are well established on the lecture circuit and continue to provide up to date, evidence based presentations on all aspects of dizziness and imbalance.

"Our goal is to provide the most recent research in a palatable manner to keep all healthcare professionals up to date and informed for their patients."

- Dr. Allen


Certification for managing dizzy patients

Dizziness is one of the most common, and usually complex, patient complaints reported in emergent and primary care settings. These workshops have been created to provide education for all healthcare providers that may see or manage dizzy patients. From testing and diagnosis to therapy, G.E.D. has a workshop available to help you take better care of your dizzy patients.